Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle

ドロガメ科 ハラガケガメ属 学名Claudius angustatus

Knowledge of Turtle(Tortoise) カメの知識
The difference of Green turtle and Mud turtle ミドリガメとドロガメの違い
Environment of turtle and tortoise カメの飼育環境
Purchase point of turtle(tortoise) カメの購入ポイント
Photo diary of Turtle(Tortoise) カメの写真日記


ハラガケガメの生息地 The habitat of Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle

メキシコのベラクルスからグアテマラ、ベリーズ。Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

ハラガケガメのエサ The feed of Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle

Meat(Lever,The meat which does not have the oil is given)

fish(Life feed, dry fish, I have given only dry fish. Because dry fish is cheap.)

Crab, crawfish and shrimp (dry shrimp), frog.

The formula feed (If it has not given at the young turtle, perhaps Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle do not eat,)

Because many feed are eaten, growth is very quick.

The Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle which I raise from 4cm, above 10cm grew in 4 months which pass.

ハラガケガメの大きさ The size of Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle

Because it grows to about only 12~17 centimeter, you can raise even with 60 centimeter tank.

But, because it is be active, the tank if it is large, large extent is good.

ハラガケガメの飼育水温 The Keeping water temperature of Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle

Because Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle is weak to low temperature, it is necessary to raise with about the 25~30℃. (The heater is necessary)

ハラガケガメの活動 The activity of Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle

Because Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle in turtle is be active, it moves well.
(When Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle is raised with the large tank, it has moved about.)

Because Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle spirit eats the feed often, it is pleasant to give the feed. As for Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle as for diet, it is difficult very.

Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle swimming is good in Mud turtle.

When Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle become the adult, almost it does not rise to the land. But, if Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle extends the neck, shallow the place of the extent which Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle can breathe without fail is necessary.

Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle which I raise just between 3 days rose to the land place from start of Keeping and had done motionlessly, but the after of that did not rise to the land place.

When you raise with 120 centimeter tanks or more, Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle swims and in the tank being able to observe the form which it turns, is very pleasant.

Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle cannot swim with 60 centimeter tank. Therefore, The turtle seems that the time when it has done motionlessly is long.

At the conscience store it seems that is stocked from 10,000 Yen, but in this case time is required to for arrival, probably will be.

Acquiring the various reasons, because to about 150,000 Yen, there is a store which it marks up, you will note.

Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle when being cheap, is about 40,000 ~ 50,000 Yen.

ハラガケガメの注意 The note of Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle

Keeping is easy, but, because disposition is rough, it is necessary to note.

Case the feed is not eaten Keeping at the beginning, making dark, it should have made settle.

Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle as for the turtle of plural kinds and Keeping together it is unreasonable. When you prepare the large tank and raise independently, or raise with pair it is good, probably will be.

As for you when Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle is raised in the large tank, as for you it is possible to enjoy the good quality of the turtle.

As for Narrow-bridged Musk Turtle it is necessary to pay attention to obesity.

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